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LUXES – A premium Swiss made cosmetics brand by SLC Bellevue GmbH, a company based in Zurich, Switzerland. One of the motive reasons for developing LUXES is the Switzerland’s best reputation for the development and production of the high-quality cosmetics: For us "Made in Switzerland" is more than just a meaningless phrase. "Made in Switzerland" is rather a philosophy, which has set itself the goal of achieving the highest quality and standard.

LUXES implements the famous Swiss attributes in their products and has created a cosmetic line, which is undeniably unique: After years of intensive research in its own laboratories. By combining only the best-selected natural ingredients with the highest technology in pharmaceutical LUXES succeeds in producing the revolutionary and highly effective cosmetics. Faithful to the truly Swiss values,  ​​LUXES cosmetics aims to be "fair" within the meaning of affordable: LUXES does not engage in expensive marketing campaigns but focuses instead on continuous research and development: The LUXES cosmetics is continuously researching for the best and highest-quality products. 

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SLC Bellevue GmbH - LUXES COSMETICS | Hornbachstrasse 50 | 8008 Zürich - SWITZERLAND

Tel: +41 44 389 84 26 | Fax: +41 44 389 84 00

www.luxes.swiss | info@luxes.swiss

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