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Thanks to the use of purely natural lipids and plant oils and by consciously avoiding silicones, paraffins and other petroleum derivatives the regenerative capacity and the natural balance of the skin are well supported. Therefore it prevents the maturation of epidermal cells and protects the skin’s hydro-lipid barrier.

Liposomes consist of phosphatidylcholine, which are natural components of cell membranes. Through a complex production process liposomes are formed out of phospholipids in water. These liposomes mantle active substances with a shell, which is identical to the cell membrane. This double membrane liposomal are highly effective in protecting stem cells, plant-based active ingredients such as antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Furthermore, it conveys them along the hair follicles into deeper skin layers. Once there, the effect of the ingredients unfolds persistently, focused and efficiently. 


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