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Ultra Intensive Lifting and Toning

Firms and tights sagging skin, reduces wrinkles and minimizes the size of pores. Recapture your youthful radiant appearance.

This luminous lifting Bionic Formula contains rejuvenating Plant Stem Cells of Argan tree(a) and Pro Lift FP2-Complex. These high-potency botanical extracts improve elasticity and firmness by producing new fresh skin cells fibroblasts and collagen and elastin structures.


The Hyaluron-Collagen Complex and Skinmimmic Lipids reduce fine lines, smooth and effectively moisturize. 

The Swiss revolutionary Cellular Bionic Elixirum transports natural active ingredients to deeper skin layers by applying the micro Botanical Liposome Technology and Ginkgo O2 Booster. The silky light formula instantly melts with your skin, is easily absorbed and leaves your skin with an extensive sense of freshness and wellbeing.

Volume: 30 ml

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