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Reduces the appearance of orange peel skin in all stages of cellulite(a), strengthens the sagging skin and subcuta-neous tissue. Further, it supports and activates the skin’s own purification processes and regulates its moisture balance.

This innovative multi-functional body care product that significantly shapes, firms and smooths the body contours especially in the area of stomach, thighs, buttocks and hips. Results occur after 4-6 weeks of application. Caffeine and the Pro Slim FP3 Complex consisting of 9 high potency botanical extracts, minimise the appearance of orange peel skin, reduce the circumference and tighten skin around the treated areas and activate the skin’s detoxification by supporting and stimulating the skin‘s own cell metabolism. Furthermore it increases the elasticity and firmness.


This Dual Phase Bodyserum - a combination of a Lipid and Serum Phase - transports natural active ingredients to deeper skin layers by applying the Micro Botanical Liposome Technology and Ginkgo O2 Booster. The silky-light formula with high quality plant oils instantly melts with your skin, is easily absorbed and leaves your skin with an extensive sense of freshness and wellbeing. 



Volume: 200 ml




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