Marie Claire (Thailand)

Thank you Marie Claire (November 2016)
Luxes 2 Second Hydra Filler Bionic Stemcells Serum has been selected to be in 'The Essential IT List' 

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Ladies Drive (Switzerland)

Thank you Ladies Drive for selecting LUXES 2 SECONDS LINE into Editor's choice and thank you for best review too, we are very happy!

(December 2016) 

Vouge (Thailand)

Luxes 2 Second Hydra Filler and Luxes Stay Young Elixirum have been reviewed from many women and the beauty editor of VOGUE to be one of the best skin care products. 

Garçon Magazine (Thailand)

Its great to hear that Garçon Magazine loves our Luxes 2 Second Stay Young Bionic Stemcells Serum (November 2016) 
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Fotos vom LUXES "ASIAN'S EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW" in Bangkok- Thailand am 25.August 2016

-Zur Fotogalerie 

Amazing Results

- Kommentar aus Thailand

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